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Muckross House

After a long day seeing Ross Castle, Muckross Abbey, Torc Waterfall, and Ladies View we almost didn’t make it to Muckross House. We would have done ourselves a great disservice missing Muckross House if we had called it a day too early. It ended up being one of the more relaxing places of our time in Killarney.

The History

Muckross House is a 19th century Victorian home, set next to the beautiful Killarney National Park. The building of Muckross House began in 1839 and finished in 1843 for Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife Mary Balfour Herbert. The gardens were brought to life in the 1850’s as the home owners prepared for a visit from Queen Victoria in 1861. The garden was then expanded when extra land was purchased. The Sunken Garden, Rock Garden, and Stream Garden were then created and are still enjoyed today.

Muckross House

The grounds outside of Muckross House

How to Get to Muckross House

If you also happen to be seeing Muckross Abbey, know that you can walk about 5-10 minutes between the two. There is a large parking lot right outside of Muckross House if you have driven yourself. Otherwise, take advantage of the Hop-on Hop-off bus. It is well worth the money and saves you the hassle of driving.

Muckross House

More of Muckross House’s manicured grounds.

What to See at Muckross House

Jaunting Cars

As you walk up to Muckross House, you will be greeted by many Jaunting Cars and their drivers trying to sell you a ride. They can take you around the grounds and share some interesting information as they drive you around. We did not take the Jaunting Car Tour here, but we did at Ross Castle.

Tour the Inside of the House

If you would like to have a tour of the inside of the house, you will need to enter and purchase your tickets. Sometimes there can be quite a wait for the tour, so be sure to book early. The tour was very interesting and informative. My kids were even able to enjoy it with us.

Muckross House

Playing tag on the grounds at Muckross House.

Open Spaces

Without taking the tour inside of the house, you can enjoy the open spaces and views for free. We had the best time running on the grass, playing tag, and laying down to enjoy the tranquility that exists as you gaze at the lake between the hills.

The Gardens

After enjoying a quick snooze on the lawn, walk over to check out the gardens. It is set up perfectly for a small game of hide-and-seek for the kids, and the young at heart. You will see some beautiful flowers and get some fantastic views of the house and the lake. Wander around for a while and work up an appetite.

The Cafe at Muckross House

Before leaving the house, stop for a quick snack, or a meal, and sit outside to enjoy every second of the outdoor beauty. There is also a great gift shop just inside where you can get all kinds of souvenirs for those that await you at home.  Don’t forget to ask about a Duty-Free Shopping Card.

Time Needed at Muckross House

It’s quite hard to gauge the time needed at Muckross House. The actual tour of the house is about 30-45 minutes. If you are the kind of person who likes to just sit and soak it in, I would say you could easily walk around the grounds at a leisurely pace for about an hour or so. I would think the minimum amount of time needed would be 1.5 hours, but I would definitely recommend at least 2 or more hours to get it all in.

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Muckross House