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Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Trying to cook without the necessary kitchen tools and equipment is almost pointless. If you can’t do it right and you must improvise, the end product will not be quite as good.

I am not the cook in the family. I’m an okay baker, but if you asked me to grab some ingredients and just whip up a dish, I would be lost. My husband, on the other hand, is a great cook and a not so good baker. I feel like that makes us a pretty good team in the kitchen. We aren’t talking gourmet meals here, but a basic, tasty meal is what we aim for.

In order to be the “chef” that he is, he insists that there are a few key tools everyone should have in the kitchen. Mine is a microwave. I’m kidding…sort of.

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What you Need

1. Good knives!

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Johnny talks about how sharp or dull any knife is that he is using. If you know him, you’ll know that he can be quite particular about many things. A knife’s sharpness is definitely one of them! With that being said, he recommends that everyone own, not only a great set of knives, but also a knife sharpener. This knife sharpener is a great addition for any tool loving, obsessive knife sharpening person you know!

2. Kitchen-Aide mixer

Being able to toss the ingredients in, set it to mix, and finish preparing other parts of the meal are a great time saver. Not to mention the fact that they have so many helpful attachments you can add. You can add this item; which peels, cores, and slices, or the attachment that allows you to make ice cream. Yum!

3. A hand-held cheese and vegetable grater

Instead of having a big, bulky cheese grater on the table with meals, this sleek, spinning cheese and vegetable grater is so helpful. Cut a chunk of Parmesan cheese (with those amazingly sharp knives), place it inside the grater, and let your guests grate their own cheese for their delicious Italian dish.

4. Cast Iron Skillet

Although I look at this skillet and see a pain in the butt, my husband looks at it and sees evenly heated cooking. A cast iron skillet can not be put into a dishwasher or even hand washed with soap, but according to many, it’s worth the hassle for the end result. Here is the one that we have at home. There are also some great cleaning tools available on Amazon that you can buy. Otherwise, Kosher salt, a good scrub brush, and some shortening do the trick just fine. Look on YouTube for some helpful cast iron cleaning tutorials.

5. Heat-resistant spoons are another helpful tool to have

Have you ever been cooking something, go to mix it with your plastic spoon, get distracted and accidentally leave the spoon in the pan? Then it melts and ruins your dish? Come on! We can’t be the only people who are guilty of this! Even if you aren’t so easily distracted, these are a great tool to add to your kitchen arsenal.

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5 Kitchen Tools and Equipment that Everyone Needs

So Many More

As you know, there are so many more important kitchen tools and equipment that can not only enhance your meal, but also make your life so much easier. Hopefully the above items will help and inspire you to upgrade your tools so that you can begin making the best meal. Let me know when you’re having your first dinner party…we expect an invite! 😉

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