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Fit Mom Workout

What is a ‘fit mom workout’, you ask? For me it’s any kind of physical activity that I can do while my kids are busy or entertained. Looking at me you wouldn’t say, “Wow, she’s so fit!”. I look like a busy Mom who doesn’t always put herself first – spoiler alert – I AM a busy Mom and I hardly EVER put myself first. With that being said though, I am relatively active despite being super busy with three littles. I may not have washboard abs, or chiseled arms, but I’m good with that! Here are some ‘fit mom workouts’ that any busy Mom, or Dad, can squeeze into their schedule.

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How To Get It All In

One way to look at it is this: you can’t do it all everyday. Therefore, each day you need to prioritize what NEEDS to be done and what can wait until the next day. Can you do the laundry tomorrow and instead do a 20 minute workout video? Maybe the kids can pull a few extra chores so Mom can run on the treadmill. We Moms like to pretend that we can do it all, but in reality, we just can’t. Be kind to yourself!

Fit Mom Workout – Essential Tools

When we lived in Tennessee, we invested in a treadmill for me. It was one of the best investments, in my opinion. I could put a quick show on for the kids and squeeze in a run. If I picked the show just right, they barely knew that I was gone! The convenience of having this machine right in my bedroom was ideal! I didn’t have to waste the time loading them up to get to the gym, I could do what I wanted, right at home.

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Fit Mom Workout- For Any Busy Parent


Another great tool that we had was a set of weights. This set, linked to the left, gives you the ability to change how much weight you are using all in one simple spin. Turn the dial to add more weight, or turn it back the other way to have less. It’s simple and compact. I found that having these at home were like the treadmill for me. It was there, and it was easy, so I used them more often. You can even work on your arms while cooking. As you stand there mixing sauce, do some curls and kill two birds with one stone!

The same can be said with exercise bands. You can get different levels of difficulty depending on the tightness of the band. While you are supervising Play-Doh creations, pull out those bands and get to work. YouTube has some great videos with examples on how to use the bands properly.

Fit Mom Workout – Fun for Everyone!

Sweden has amazing bike paths all over! You can get to almost any destination without hardly ever having to cross a street. It’s really wonderful. Due to this, I often try to bike to my destination rather than drive. Not only do I get to where I need to be, but I also get some exercise in. It’s a great way to do both.

My older kids love riding their bikes with me, and this bike trailer allows me to safely, and comfortably, bring my littlest one with. It also gives me the space to carry any shopping bags home. I seriously love it! It hooks up and disconnects so quickly and easily to your bike. When I get to my destination with the kids, I lock up my bike and disconnect the trailer. I’m then able to push the kids around in the trailer as I would in a stroller.

Another fun fit Mom workout is at the park. Instead of sitting on your phone while they play (I know, it’s tempting), run with them. Set up some races across the park, bring a soccer ball and play a game, fly a kite (you’d be surprised at how much running is involved in that), or create an obstacle course with the playground equipment. For example, as you land at the bottom of the slide, do 20 jumping jacks. Run zig-zigged through the swings and after that do 20 burpies, etc. The kids think it’s hilariously fun to watch Mom run across the balance beam and Mom appreciates the friendly competition!

The Knockout

Incorporating ‘fit Mom workouts’ can sometimes be tough, but far from impossible. No one said working out would be easy! Sometimes just chasing them around the house is enough exercise for one day; but if you are hoping for a bit more, try some of the above suggestions and sweat it out!