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The Best Rain Gear For Kids

Making sure you have the best rain gear on your rainy vacation can make or break it, especially for kids! There’s a saying in Sweden that says, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes”. This is totally true! If the kids have wet feet or damp clothes, the day will become infused with much whining and complaining. Complaining isn’t something I enjoy hearing any day, but especially when I am on vacation! Make sure you plan ahead!

Best Rain Gear for Travelling and Always!

Here is my son in his rain coat, pants, and boots in Scotland. He was suppose to be looking like he was thinking in this picture.

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Rain Pants

Although a poncho is great for adults, I wouldn’t recommend one for kids, if given the option. Kids like to sit down everywhere! That wet bench, the ground, you name it! With that in mind, rain pants are always very helpful! These pants are not only windproof and waterproof, but have a reflective strip on them for added safety. We’ve learned the importance of reflective material on outdoor clothes while living in a place that experiences a severe lack of sunshine for half of the year!

Rain Coats

Best Rain Gear for Travelling and Always!

Trying to keep dry at Stirling Castle

Any raincoat will do for your wee one, but these rain coats are adorable for both boys and girls! I would definitely recommend making sure that it has a hood on it. I have one kid that loves holding an umbrella, another that doesn’t, and one that is unpredictable in what she likes and doesn’t like. The hood gives all of them that added protection from the rain.

Rain Boots

When you are heading on an airplane to get to your rainy destination, you may think that rain boots just take up too much space in your suitcase. It is true that they are big and bulky, but they are so worth it! I always have my kids wear their boots onto the plane. They like their boots enough that they don’t mind and then I can save the room in the suitcase for other essentials. Here are some boots with some fun prints for toddlers, boys, and girls. You can always add a shoe insert inside of their boots to ensure comfort on those long walks.

Rain Gloves

I know what you’re thinking, “Rain GLOVES included in a post about the best rain gear?!”. Don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em! My kids now use rain gloves all the time. They use them mostly when they are playing outside at school in the rain. (Swedish kids play outside no matter the weather!) These might be a good addition for your trip should it also be a bit chilly outside, or if you know your kid ‘digs’ the mud.  (<- See what I did there?)

The Best Rain Gear For Adults

My husband thinks that rain coats and ponchos look silly, so he will only use an umbrella. Although he won’t admit it, I think he was wishing he had a raincoat in addition to his umbrella while we were in a very rainy, windy, Scotland! Luckily, there are some really stylish options when you are looking for the best rain gear! Most of these will leave you wondering if it is indeed rain gear at all!

Rain Coats and Ponchos

Who says rain gear needs to be ugly? This coat is super cute and my very favorite part of all: it’s practical! It comes with a matching bag that you can fold your raincoat into and carry it along with you. It only comes in one size, but it cinches along the waist in order to give it a more fitted look.

Columbia offers some really great products. Their fleece coats are a favorite in our house. Here is a men’s raincoat that they offer which is not only affordable but also sleek. It folds up relatively small and can be tossed into a purse or backpack for easy transport when it isn’t raining.

There are lots of cute ponchos available on the internet, but my favorite kind are the disposable ones. You can buy a pack of 20 of them, wear them for the day, and then toss them when you are done. I felt it was super convenient to have a poncho over my rain coat while we were in Scotland. This way I could put my camera under the poncho to keep it dry and then just pop my camera out when I wanted to snap a quick photo.

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Best Rain Gear for Travelling and Always!

Rain Pants

If I am going to be biking in the rain, I definitely wear rain pants to keep dry. I made the mistake once in thinking I wouldn’t need them, only to arrive cold and wet to my destination. When on vacation though, it’s rare that I feel as though I need rain pants, but I do generally pack them just to be safe! These are similar to the ones that I have and they are fantastic! Here is a comparable pair for men.

Rain Shoes For Adults

When looking for rain shoes for myself, I was astonished at the options available! You can get rain resistant shoes that look just like regular shoes! If you are looking for a bit more coverage these shoes would do the trick.

These allow you to wear your normal shoes and then slip this water cover over them. This means not having to carry your regular shoes with you to work. Some of our vacations have also been working trips for my husband. This means he needs to have his work shoes with him. If you are looking for comfortable shoes to wear all day that don’t require a slip on, these would go with any outfit!

Like I stated before, bringing the best rain gear on vacation is vital when traveling to a rainy destination. Sometimes, no matter what time of year you pick for your trip, you will encounter more rainy days than not. It’s better to be prepared for the weather so that you can continue sightseeing and make the best memories yet!

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