Moving to Sweden was a big adjustment for all of us in many different ways. I personally ended up feeling as though I lost my purpose as a Mom and as a person. I was a homeschooling Mom in the States and suddenly all of my kids were off at school all day. I was entirely unsure about what to do with myself every day. I studied Swedish and worked out, but I felt empty. I felt like I not only didn’t contribute to the financial part of life, but that I was not making any kind of difference anywhere.

While watching a daily vlog on YouTube with my kids one day, it dawned on me that we actually are having quite a cool experience here and I should share it with the world! If people are willing to spend their time watching daily videos of people living their everyday life, why wouldn’t they want to read about our adventures? I had already begun a small blog in which I shared some experiences dealing with language, culture differences, medical in Sweden, etc. and had some good feedback on it; so I went all in. I bought a web domain and dove head first.

So, here we are! Follow along with us as we explore all things Family. Travel. Life. We’re glad you’re here!